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Peter Warlock

Collected 78rpm Recordings

  • Capriol Suite 1
  • Serenade for Strings 2
  • Capriol Suite 3
  • Serenade for Strings 4
  • Capriol Suite 4
  • Fantaisie #3 5
  • Four-Part Fantasia #9 6
  • The Curlew 7
  • Captain Stratton's Fancy 8
  • Oh Good Ale (The Toper's Song) 9
  • Flow not fast, ye fountains 9
  • There is a garden in her face 9
  • O eyes, O mortal stars 9
  • Come, my Celia 9
  • Corpus Christi 10
  • Sleep 11
  • Chop Cherry 11
  • The Fox 12
  • Sleep 12
  • Take o take those lips away 12
  • Sweet and kind 12
  • As Ever I Saw 12
  • The Passionate Shepherd 12
  • Corpus Christi 13,14
  • A Cornish Christmas Carol 14
  • Six Nursery Jingles 15
  • Milkmaids 16
  • Captain Stratton's Fancy 16
  • Sigh no More 17
  • Pretty Ring Time 17
  • passing By 17
  • My Own Country 17
  • Fair and True 17
  • Piggesnie 17
  • Sweet and Twenty 18
  • Consider 18
  • Sleep 18
  • Rest Sweet Nymphs 19
  • The First Mercy 20
  • Corpus Christi 21
  • The Frostbound Wood 22
  • The Fox 22
  • Captain Stratton's Fancy 23
1 London Chamber Orchestra/Anthony Bernard
2 NGS Chamber Orchestra/John Barbirolli
3 Joseph Szigeti, violin/Nikita Magaloff, piano
4 Constant Lambert String Orchestra
5 Pasquier Trio
6 Griller String Quartet
7 René Goossens, oboe/René Soames, tenor/Aeolian String Quartet
8 Peter Dawson, bass baritone/Gerald Moore, piano
9 John Goss, baritone/Diana Poulton, piano
10 The English Singers
11 John Armstrong, baritone/International String Quartet
12 Parry Jones, tenor
13 Anne Wood, mezzo/Peter Pears, tenor
14 BBC Chorus/Leslie Woodgate
15 Cecil Cope, bass
16 Roy Henderson, baritone/Eric Griffen, piano
17 Roy Henderson, baritone/Gerald Moore, piano
18 Nancy Evans, mezzo/Gerald Moore, piano
19 Truro County Girls School Chior
20 Billy Neeley, boy soprano
21 Flora Nielsen mezzo/René Soames, tenor/Festival Singers/Leslie Woodgate
22 Dennis Noble, baritone/Gerald Moore, piano
23 Oscar Natzke, bass
Divine Art Historic Sound DDH27811 2CDs 144m ADD
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This is most certainly a labour of love and one of the most comprehensive collections of recordings dedicated to the genius of Peter Warlock, or Philip Heseltine which was his real name. In his short life, Warlock mesmerized the artistic community in the Britain of in between wars and these recordings are a testament to his undoubted talents and precocious facility for writing in markedly different styles.

The first CD includes some interesting comparisons in the form of the Capriol Suite and the Serenade for Strings but the peach of this disc is undoubtedly the classic recording of The Curlew with René Soames and Leon Goosens accompanied by the Aeolian String Quartet.

The second disc is packed choc-a-bloc with Warlock's songs which come across as sincere and particularly ravishing especially those associated with love such as "Come my Celia", "There is a garden in her face", "Take o take those lips away" and "Fair and True". We also have at least three different versions of "Captain Stratton's Fancy" whilst "Sleep" and "The Fox" come in two versions which enables us to compare and contrast such exquisite voices as Roy Henderson, Nancy Evans and Parry Jones.

The extensive booklet notes by Barry Smith and Giles Davis are a must read whilst there are some fascinating recording notes by Stephen Sutton from Divine Art which also reveal some of the performers reminiscences after all these years. Truly an outstanding historical issue which is definitely one of my recommendations for historical record of the year.

Copyright © 2010, Gerald Fenech